Friday, December 28, 2012

Will the Gods survive?

What has been the greatest invention in the history of mankind?

Was it the discovery of Fire or invention of the Wheel, making of the Steam Engine or more recently that of Computers? Pretty hard to tell but I personally think it has been the discovery of God, and invention and innovation of everything which is associated with him. I am not an Atheist, not at all. In fact as soon as I see a temple my head bows, whenever I start something big I do remember to remember him and naturally whenever I am in trouble I pray more. But is it my belief or is it something which has been filled into my system, something which I was raised with and hence now is a part of my thinking? I cannot precisely zero in on anything and hence the doubt.

Now let’s go back to my earlier thought that God was indeed invented and let me try to make sense of what I want to say. It might have been the time when the humans were still evolving from the apes, when they were still roaming around in their naked glory;when food and mumbo-jumbo would have been their only concern, and when there were a lot of things around them which they did not understand. They would have struggled with the concept of death of a man who was roaming along with them a few moments ago, and then suddenly not moving at all;the concept of birth, of rains and of fires and a thousand such things which did not fit within their narrow understanding. So at that moment they would have attributed everything which they did not understand to an unknown entity, say ‘God’. As centuries passed by and generations came and went the concept of God was passed along too. Humans learned to play with fire; they understood what caused birth and what resulted in death, but God still remained as an entity which embraced everything which was not understood.

Gradually there were attempts made to understand the unknown, Mr. X went ahead and came out with a theory of how humans came to inhibit earth and what is God as per him and he named his research paper as ‘Religion A’. Mr. Y did not like what X was doing and he went ahead and discovered his own theory with a set of assumptions and named his research paper as ‘Religion B’. Though the theories and assumptions continued to evolve, everyone including X and Y accepted on one common point that God was needed and cannot be something which can be done away with. They realized that the concept of God was the basic essential for human sustenance. These wizards then added the concepts of ‘Faith’, ‘Conscience’, ’Hope’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Hell’ to already existing science of God. And then to explain the sufferings of present birth they created the phenomena of subsequent births. So if you have already burned your ass around and still not getting results the chances are that's because you did something terribly wrong in your previous birth. A great concept this is for it keeps the dissatisfaction to a minimum and keeps egging the human on a right path instead of going boom. Thus God was associated with some more unknown entities, the very same entities which formed the basis of human evolution and civilization over all these years and thus allowed the humans to prosper and exist.

The innovators did not stop at that point, to strengthen their claims they created stories and fables and tales. These stories showed how the good always won and the evil always failed sooner or later. Though the stories were unbelievable but so was God and hence they were still trusted upon and passed on from one generation to another with a bit of manipulation here and there. And they helped too for creating a shield within humans which prevented them from falling to their own urges. The ‘Fear’ of the unknown played its part and as the generations were raised they were given a sense with which they can differentiate between the right and the wrong.

On the night of 20th December I was thinking that if the world indeed did end tomorrow what will happen to the concept of God and his so called savior act. And then my crazy brain further drifted and I thought on the lines if only a few toddlers survive what will happen. They will indeed learn to eat and reproduce so the generations will definitely move. Gradually as they will evolve they will dig for their history and they will find ‘Bibles’, ‘Geetas’ and ‘Qurans’ and they will find DC Comics featuring Superman and a host of other super heroes. They will also find a DVD series of Mahabharata and Ramayana and also a hoard of Bollywood and Hollywood masala flicks in which they will see that the same heroes were bumping the bad people day in and day out and thus saving the earth. They will try to think of these guys as having some super powers which they themselves don’t have, they will be creating their own set of new Gods. One of the new Gods could be Salman Khan who took various names and births and killed bad guys and another could be Tom Cruise who did the same and the list goes on. Then they will teach their kids the same and the generations will move on and the Gods will live perhaps in the same manner they have done for the past so many centuries.

But the world did not end on 21st December, and I feel that augurs as a bad sign for Mr. God and everything which is associated with him and thus for the humans on the whole. There was a Shooting rampage in US and this was probably 3rd or 4th time this has happened there and hence so called developed country is giving us stiff competition. There was brutal rape in Delhi and the hell went loose, a constable died in the ensuing riots and various stakeholders jumped in to take brownie points from his death, and while Delhi riots are still on, news of other similar incidents pour in. And today that girl died. Her mother will be thinking that this happened due to her ‘Karma’, some of her relatives/friends might be thinking that lets take a gun ourselves and go bang against the perpetrators for the justice from law if it ever arrives will take a long time to come and by then there will be thousand such incidents and justice from god is non-existent all together. Perhaps the perpetrators will made rats and snakes in their next birth but that is so out of sorts, that it won't solve any purpose.

It is not that such incidents are occurring for the first time, the human history is dotted with much more heinous acts than this and yet humans survived and moved on. They hung on to the ladder of ‘Hope’ and moved up; The ‘Conscience’ within always separated the good from the bad, and the ‘Fear of the Unknown’ acted as a filtering layer which avoided any untoward incidents. I on my part never killed that tiny ant when my Grand Pa said that killing her will make me an ant in my next birth and yes I believed him then with no doubt.

But now something is breaking. Humans were always volatile but I feel the volatility has now reached its crescendo. If we can assign elasticity to the concepts like ‘Faith’, ‘Conscience’ and ‘Hope’, I feel they are already stretched beyond their elastic limits. ‘Conscience’ for me is the leader of the pack, and is being manipulated as per one’s own convenience. A little bribe here, a little favor there is normal, when the leaders are themselves corrupt why should we stop ourselves, when the law is so loose it is definitely meant to be broken. ‘Hope’ and ‘Faith’ have been overtaken by realism and practicality. Those mighty lines outside the temples and shrines are not an indication of man’s devotion, they in fact are his attempts to bribe God and seek results quickly. A person killing people at his will feels that he is justified in doing so for he was a victim himself. The descendants of Mr. X and Mr. Y are at loggerheads themselves for they feel the theories of the other are not correct. The original research papers A and B have been diluted and manipulated to such an extent that they hardly convey what they were supposed to. Patience is running thin and the well-woven theories of hell and heaven, of after-life, of gradual punishment and reward seems to have no-takers. People want instant results and rewards and punishments and if they are not provided the same they become restless. I on my part too, kill those pesky cockroaches, those Dengue causing mosquitoes at my own will and question the wisdom of my fore-fathers for whom killing an insect was bad but eating mutton in heaps was not. And all this collectively is somewhere leading to the failure of the concept called God.

The question thus comes to my mind – ‘Will the Gods survive’? And if they don’t will the humans be able to live without him? If there is a mass murder of conscience, of hope and of faith will the fear of any human made law be enough to stop total annihilation? If the fabric which shielded humans from their own naked urges for so many centuries is tampered and broken what can stop them from not letting loose? I at his point do not have an answer but I still have a small reserve of hope to fall back on, and I seriously wish that Gods do survive and the ‘Hope’ and ‘Faith’ and ‘Conscience’ take a rebirth.